Handicrafts mean
a world to me! “

Hello! My name is Karoliina and I’m the heart and soul of Liinala. I design and make all of the Liinala textiles. I’ve always loved art and taken all kinds of art classes from pottery to cartoon drawing. My childhood dream was to become an artist.

I love to challenge myself and come up with new and innovative ways of doing crafts. I’m a questioning, pondering, wondering person who wants to look at things from many different perspectives. My mind is always pouring with ideas.

For me handicrafts feel like a very natural way to express myself.
I think the the idea of turning something simple, like yarn, into something complicated and decorative is very fascinating.
Shapes, words and atmospheres inspire me.
I have a vivid imagination and I can get inspiration from basically anything around me.

I began my studies of design textiles in autumn 2018
and the idea of an own business became to my mind soon after that.

I’m diligent and a hard worker and I put my heart and soul in what I do.

Quality, beauty and enviromental issues (to mention a few) are important to me.
I want to focus even more on improving my skills and learning some new,
using recycled materials and turning trash to treasure.

❤ Karoliina

The company name
comes from a playhouse that was built
for me and my little sister when we were kids.
Children are brave adventurers and artists.
They have the ability to
imagine and dream,
and everything is possible in their world.
We should not forget those sides of ourselves even if we grow up.

Liinala is to remind to always dream and wonder and believe in yourself!

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