Another day at the office..

Welcome to my website and blog!
I’m still working on the layout, pages and everything, so forgive me that it probably also looks like it’s not completed yet.
I will write the blog posts mainly in English, also to improve my English skills 😉

I’m so excited! I’ve just started an own business! You could say I’m not the most practical person, so all the taxes, accounting and other formal matters are still quite a jumble in my head. Like my husband kindly told me: “If you can be an entrepreneur, anyone can!” 😉
But he is right. We should all follow our dreams, do the things we love and believe in ourselves.
Yesterday I visited a business consultant and the meeting was super helpful! I got understandable knowledge, a lot of advice and the consultant told me everything I have to know about starting an own company. I can highly recommend that kind of consultant meeting to all the starting entrepreneurs.

I have yet another reason to be excited. I have just finished my first product: The eagle macrame wall hanging: “Freesoul”. This item is now available and I will make five of them to start with. They will be made to order.

I have a lot to do this spring. I study Design textiles and we have our competence demonstration in May. We also make touch books for blind children, weaving exercises and recycled product project.

Love, Karoliina

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